Due to high danger of damaging underground energy cables, their marking is of utmost importance. Currently we are dealing with multiple standards of marking said cable lines. New solutions are being introduced each day, and in order to keep the pace, we are offering the best materials which include:

Warning tapes (cable tapes)Produced in two basic colors:
- blue, for marking underground cable lines of rated voltage up to and including 1 kV,
- red, dedicated for marking underground cable lines of rated voltage above 1 kV,
Due to differences in standards regarding marking of underground cable lines, we are able to provide our clients with wide variety of tapes and other high durability solutions for marking and securing underground energy infrastructure.
Electromagnetic markersProfessional-use devices used to locate and detect key underground infrastructure/ points of interest.
LocatorsDevices used to locate and program electromagnetic markers and underground cables,
Cable backup traysmade from high durability polyethylene, used for storing excess cable.
Postsmade from high durability PE, red posts mark the underground cables route, above the ground level. It’s possible to mount an information board on top of each post, to ensure detailed information is visible.

Electromagnetic markers3M - Locating & Marking
CataloguePTS NOVA - Marking & Locating of Underground Infrastructure