It’s very important to properly mark and protect undergroung infrastructure. Increasing number of underground telecommunication lines makes locating and maintance of each, the more difficult. Using high quality materials and solutions lengthen the protection time.
Our offer inculdes:

Warning tapesmade from polyethylene, orange, with message „CAUTION BURIED COMMUNICATION LINE BELOW”
Detectable warning tapesmade from polyethylene, orange, in addition to printed message, they contain steel insert or isolated wire/cord.
Electromagnetic markersProfessional-use devices used to locate and detect key underground infrastructure/ points of interest.
Cable backup traysmade from high durability polyethylene, used for storing excess telecommunication/optic cable.
LocatorsDevices used to locate and setup electromagnetic markers and underground cables,
3M productsAs a 3M company agent, we can offer a wide variety of their products, dedicated for telecommunication,
Postsmade from high durability PE, orange posts mark the telecommunication line’s route, above the ground level. It’s possible to mount an information board on top of each post, to ensure detailed information is visible.
Connectorsit’s a set of items used to connect the steel insert in order to maintain stable connection and ensure success of future locating of possible breaks. Set contains: steel plaque through which you need to interweave the steel inserts, pieces of self-amalgamating tape, to isolate the connection, and instruction of how to do it, step by step.

Electromagnetic markers3M - Locating & Marking
CataloguePTS NOVA - Marking & Locating of Underground Infrastructure