The increasing number of water and sewage investments in recent years is a challenge in terms of proper marking of their underground course. Growing density of underground lines makes it more difficult to identify and locate their routes. The currently applied solutions, despite the fact that they have been unchanged for years, fulfill their task and can be found in our offer:

Warning tapesTapes made of polyethylene, with message. Individual print accepted only after prior approval
Detectable warning tapesTapes containing the localizing factor in the form of a steel insert
Electromagnetic markersUsed for marking and locating of crucial points on the route of a marked water supply or underground sewage system,
LocatorsDevices used to locate and program electromagnetic markers.
Postsmade of plastic resistant to weather conditions, in blue, are used to mark the route of the water supply or sewage system, above the earth surface. The flattened top of the post allows the installation of an information plate,
Connectorsit’s a set of items used to connect the steel insert in order to maintain stable connection and ensure success of future locating of possible breaks. Set contains: steel plaque through which you need to interweave the steel inserts, pieces of self-amalgamating tape, to isolate the connection, and instruction of how to do it, step by step.

Basic warning tapesWATER & SEWAGE SYSTEM
Electromagnetic markers3M - Locating & Marking
CataloguePTS NOVA - Marking & Locating of Underground Infrastructure